1. Decade In Spin

From the recording Decade in Spin


Came and you went and stuck to your plan
But you won't look back or give a good god damn
Here's to the restless and here's to the drifters
Here's to the young and here's to their sisters

Two weeks straight, all day long
Down an old highway, sing a brand new song
Scream down the well, load it with change
Strangers on the road never seemed so strange

If not now then when?

Ten long years time moves fast
But the creek rolls by and the leaves all laugh
But the hills don't speak to the modern man
Cause he's looking for a mountain who looks just like him

If not now then when?
Decade in spin

If not now then when?

Came and went and you dared to dream
There's more to this thing than what it might seem